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Exceptional Quality

AL Merjal General Construction company established in 1991 and registered in Iraq as (first class electrometrical company).

AL Merjal employed highly qualified and experience engineers and technical workers in different industries.

AL Merjal has vast experience in rehabilitation of the thermal power plant, construction, of new power plant, transmission ,distribution and vast experience in oil & gas and industry , this comes due to full coordination with international prime contracts .

The early start of AL Merjal general construction company was with AL Heqma civil work bureau and Al Sharq mechanical and electrical work both were registered in 1991 in Baghdad chamber of commerce from 1991 to 2001. In 2001 the two bursas were united and registered with the Iraq company register as AL Merjal general construction company in no. (8050) dated 23/10/2001 AL Merjal is committed to provide the best services to the highest engineering standard and highest performance under supervision of high caliber staff. AL Merjal committed to satisfy the time schedule of different projects under difficult circumstances.

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