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Al Merjal is a dynamic Iraqi company committed to investing all its strength and experience in its obligation to deliver first-class products & services & to satisfy its customer's requirements any time in the following fields:


Thermal Power Plants

Gas Turbines Power Plants

Diesel Power Plants


Hydro Power Plants

Solar Power Plants 

Fields We Are Working For

Energy Field

Power Generation
Power Transmission
Power Distribution

Oil and Gas Field

Refineries Pipelines
Pumping Station
Industrial Oil Unit

Water Field

Water Treatment Plant
Waste Water Treatment Plant
Water Intake and Pumping Stations

JC Adams, Vulcan Amps Project Manager

“Vulcan AMPS had the great pleasure of working with Al Merjal on the Vulcan AMPS - Washingtons group international Baiji Power Project."

Donald Lyonn, GE Site Supervisor 

Al Merjal provided mechanical assistance to assemble a portable power plant, the labor provided was sufficient to complete the job in a timely manner."
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